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  • WMU focuses on making disciples of Jesus who live on mission. Our ladies do this in a variety of ways. They help feed different organizations like our local high school band or the cast members of the community play. They organize the whole church to gather supplies year-round to send Christmas Shoeboxes around the world. Our Baptist Women meet for Bible study and send out cookies to our first responders. The group Sew Love for Christ uses their talents to make items that will bless others. Our RAs, GAs, and Mission Friends meet to help develop a love for the Lord and for missions in our young people.

  • We support Missions by regularly giving to the Cooperative Program and our local association. We as a church tithe what comes in by giving back towards missions. Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong offerings have always been well supported here at Southside. We also regularly support individual missionaries, including Joel Indico in the Philippines. The church recently sent one of our recent high school graduates on a long-term mission trip where the pastor and one other church member were able to join him for a nine-day mission trip. They hope to return soon.

  • Southside conducts a monthly Prayer Walk at Mixon Intermediate School the first Tuesday of each month during the school year.

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